Welcome to the home page for Fold-Server. The goal of this project is to provide a small distribution with support for booting other machines over network in a small download size, and hopefully a short setup time. Fold-server is currently based on Damn Small Linux 0.93 (DSL). It includes: The purpose of this distribution is to deliver a payload; the included payload is designed to be a Folding@Home client. Folding@Home is not actually included due to licensing restrictions, but there is a script which retrieves the client and associated cores. More information on Folding@Home and how to put together the client is included in the documentation. All the pieces are assembled, and there are only two scripts to run before it's ready. It's easy to work with, and a fully working Folding@Home server can be assembled in about an hour if you read all the documentation, or half an hour if you skip all the junk you know already.